A Thankful Reflection

As CUNY Creative Arts Team approaches its 40th anniversary, we have been reflecting on the diverse young people, teachers, parents, and communities CAT has impacted over the decades and the many actors, educators, and players who have made these successes possible.  We are thankful for the programs and people that have made us leaders in the field of drama-based learning.

This blog is being launched to expand the CAT conversation.  We aim to support our peers and further engage the creative and educational communities.  CAT’s artistic and administrative staff has been asked to contribute and our program participants are excited to share their experiences as well. Through many voices, we will relay stories of personal growth, interpret the artistic process, and shed light on the amazing talents of the CATeam. We hope to offer new perspectives on the theatre and educational worlds and how to bridge the gap between them.

We would like you – our colleagues, participants, supporters, and friends – to contribute your ideas and experiences as well. Sign up for the latest updates and help keep the conversation – and the drama– going.

Welcome to our blog!Lynda

Lynda Zimmerman,
Executive Director

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